Hear from the parents of some of our students.

My son loved going to school. It is warm and welcoming. He loved learning the sign language with Mr. Tim and all their projects in school. ll the teachers are wonderful. I also loved the religion that they learn and it is put in a simple way for them to understand. They do such a good job with the kids!!!

- Rosa Conneely
Norwood, MA

NCP really cares about the welfare of my child and they have all sorts of creative activities. My son loves school and I have to drag him out when it is time to go.

- Popo Chen
Canton, MA

Attending NCP for three years has been such a positive experience for my son, Max. From the moment I visited NCP during an open house, I was impressed with the bright, cheerful environment of the school and its staff. As the first year progresses, I noticed that all of the teachers (not just his own teachers) would happily greet my Max by name as they passed him in the hallway…..I noticed that the teachers at NCP really help all the kids to feel comfortable and…..that everyone int he class is their friend. His teachers at NCP really help all teach and apply everything in such an exciting way that he is able to retain it all…..Max is heading to Kindergarten next year and I am confident that he will be more than ready!

- Laurie Boehl
Westwood, MA

NCP is a wonderful place and we have just loved everyone we have come in contact with. Our son has a chronic medical condition and the staff has been great about making accommodations as needed and providing extra support. The morals and values which are the core of NCP are priceless.

- Kristen McGourty
Norwood, MA

Over the past ten years, NCP has provided my four children with the perfect balance of academic, social, physical and emotional growth. The teachers are loving, patient, kind, and insightful. It has always been clear to me that they simply love what they do. And my children simply loved being there to learn and grow.

- Lauren Murray
Westwood, MA

I absolutely love the people, the preschool, everything about NCP! My children have flourished in school and in life, and NCP was a big part of that. All four of my children went to NCP, loved it, and still share fond memories of their time there. We love the caring staff and families at NCP. My children still have friends they made at preschool Thank you, NCP, for being the best preschool ever!

- Jennifer Cronin
Norwood, MA

We found the staff to be worm, friendly and accepting. They made our (children) feel comfortable and excited about school. They incorporated a curriculum that instilled a healthy desire to learn…we were thrilled with the Christian-based themes that were intertwined int he daily school experience….the three of our children that attended NCP were very prepared and fared very well in Kindergarten and beyond…NCP has helped them thrive as good students and, more importantly, good classmates. We have recommended NCP to friends and are very proud to be part of the NCP family.

- Tamara and David Burke
Westwood, MA

For both of our daughters, Norwood Christian Preschool has been been a God send. We love the nurturing and loving environment fostered by all the teachers and staff. Their passion for educating children and supporting families is evident in the work they do everyday. Their infectious spirit is something that permeates all the aspects of NCP

The classroom teachers truly care for the students and work hard to make sure children are learning in a fun and engaging environment.

- Dave and Meg Espinoza
Norwood, MA